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J.O.T. RECORDS LABEL OWNER JAMES O. TERRY jr/J.O.T./GRANDE GATO/SUPAFLYY PREEST Bio: JAMES O. TERRY jr aka J.O.T. aka GRANDE GATO aka SUPAFLYY PREEST – OWNER North Carolina native, North Carolina State University College graduate, Book author, Clothing line designer/owner, Record Label CEO, Rapper/MC, Music Producer, DJ, Ghost Writer for other music artists, FCC licensed, Cancer Survivor. About J.O.T., At an early age JAMES O. TERRY jr learned that he wanted to be a DJ after he saw a Winston-Salem DJ cutting and scratching on two turntables at a hip hop venue. During his sophomore year in high school, J.O.T. DJ'd his first large scale venue at the Sawtooth Center in downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina (The same spot he saw the hip hop DJ that influenced him) with his "NEEDLEWORKS" DJ crew that consisted of two of his childhood buddies(He ended up tasting his first substantial profit from the music industry that night by making $1000 in four hours by only charging $2 at the door....which gave him the entreprenuerial bug paving the way for his present day independent music label J.O.T. RECORDS). J.O.T. left his DJ crew after going away to college at North Carolina State University and became a campus DJ. He soon afterwards DJ’d for clubs and hip hop/rap groups in Raleigh. Though J.O.T. had gained a decent amount of fame and finance throughout North Carolina from being a DJ at clubs and for hip hop/rap groups, he still felt unfulfilled inside with his musical abilities and skills. Before long J.O.T. started producing his own beats and eventually started writing and rapping his own lyrics. This soon led J.O.T. to embark out on his own as a solo hip hop/rap artist and record songs in the studio. In 1996 J.O.T. officially started up his independent label, J.O.T. RECORDS-The record label branch of his company. As the first artist to come out on his independent record label, J.O.T. RECORDS, J.O.T. put out eleven CD albums, four CD singles, and five 12” vinyl various artists records. He also has a music video which was shot on film near the college university he attended. J.O.T. considers himself to be the Quincy Jones of hip hop/ rap because he does everything on his CD projects ranging from writing and performing all his lyrics, producing all his music tracks, performing all of the cuts and scratches in his songs, to designing the artwork for the CD layout/CD cover. J.O.T. is also part of NORTH CAROLINA STREET HEAT, a group of various artists whose music HE featured on 12" vinyl projects put out by J.O.T. RECORDS(styles ranged from Rap/Hip hop, Dancehall reggae/Roots reggae, Spanish rap/Reggaeton, R & B, Pop Country, to Positve rap/Holy hip hop). Today J.O.T. has been heard on major FM radio stations, SIRIUS satellite radio, and has appeared on major television news stations. J.O.T. has performed live in both Miami, Florida (2003 at UMOJA FESTIVAL, 2006 at I/O ENTERTAINMENT LOUNGE, 2014 COAST 2 COAST music showcase hosted by DJ DNA from SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO at the HOLIDAY INN MIAMI BEACH OCEANFRONT location in the FANTASY BALLROOM), 2017 at MIAMI LIVE NIGHTCLUB, 2018 MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND overseas in HAVANA, CUBA at MADRIGAL NIGHTCLUB & also in NORTH CAROLINA (In 2002 at BENTON CONVENTION CENTER NEW YEAR’S EVE CONCERT hosted by 97.1 FM’s A.C. STOWE, in 2006 at CENTRO CRISTIANO OUTDOOR CONCERT, in 2007 at the TWIN CITY RIBFEST, in 2008 at the HISPANIC FESTIVAL “FIESTA”, in 2009 at NC STATE “EL SALSABOR” event, 2009/2010/2011/2012/2013/2014/2015/2016/2017/2018 at DIXIE CLASSIC FAIRGROUNDS, ZIGGYS NIGHTCLUB, & in RALEIGH the POURHOUSE NIGHTCLUB.  Around 1998 J.O.T. had designed some pieces from the upcoming clothing line that were also worn by him for advertisement. In 2004 J.O.T. had his first autobiography published, entitled ABOUT J.O.T., which took six years to write. During 2006 some women’s clothing line pieces were designed through collaboration with his female R & B music artist, MS. CRYSTAL aka BONITA SENORITA, who is officially signed to his label along with HIP HOP music artist JON NOTTY aka RELL NYCE & DANCEHALL music artist FIRE MARSHALL aka CLOVIS DOUGLAS. Later that same year J.O.T. had another book published called BREAKING STEREOTYPES, and promoted another 12" vinyl various artist project NORTH CAROLINA STREET HEAT Presents....volume 4. In addition to that he also promoted his CD album titled NITROGLYCERIN that same year. The year 2008 proved to be fruitful for J.O.T. for he published a third book titled I COULD HAVE GOTTEN REVENGE BUT I DIDN’T. The book featured “two different books in one” (His book and his female music artist’s book), and displayed two different front covers as well. In 2009 J.O.T. has put out a “LIVE” PERFORMANCE DVD and also a CD album titled “PARA GANAR” (which in English means “IN ORDER TO WIN”) with his female music artist MS. CRYSTAL aka BONITA SENORITA which contained songs in both ENGLISH and SPANISH. In 2010 J.O.T., along with his female music artist released their second collaboration CD album "ESA QUE PASA"("THAT's WHAT's UP") which also contained songs in both ENGLISH and SPANISH. Also released in 2010 was another 12" vinyl NORTH CAROLINA STREET HEAT project(Volume#5) which featured ENGLISH songs like CANCER/MS RAP, and SPANISH TRACKS like ESA QUE PASA as well. In 2011 J.O.T. released his eighth CD album "LIMPIAR PALABRAS"("TO CLEAN WORDS") which also featured MS. CRYSTAL aka BONITA SENORITA aka LADY SEE THRU as well. The CD “VERDAD”(“TRUE”), which is the ninth album from J.O.T.‘s indie record label J.O.T. RECORDS but the fourth collaboration CD album was released in 2012. It continued to deliver sounds (in both ENGLISH & SPANISH), while expanding into new forms of music genres. The tenth CD album, “NUEVA MUSICA”(“NEW MUSIC”) was released in 2013 by J.O.T. and is the fifth collaboration with his female music artist MS. CRYSTAL aka BONITA SENORITA. It pushed music genre boundaries by giving listeners futuristic rap, 90’s throwback spanglish, & “old school hip hop” reggaeton!!!! The same year J.O.T. put out another book PRESS ON(MAKING A WAY OUT OF NO WAY) along with partner MS. CRYSTAL aka BONITA SENORITA aka LADY SEE THRU(the fourth book published for HIM & the second book published for HER). "ESTILO(STYLE)" was the 11th cd put out from J.O.T. RECORDS & featured a CANCER/MS song remix on it as well as R&B and SPANISH RAP/REGGAETON tracks.  In 2015 two projects came out titled: 'NORTH CAROLINA STREET HEAT..THE CD ALBUM" & "NORTH CAROLINA STREET HEAT vol#6..VINYL RECORD".  Both projects featured song "CAM NEWTON" by JONNOTTY, "BOM BOM BA BOM BING" by FIREMARSHALL", "ESTA LISTO(remix)" by DON CABAN; & "PARA GANAR(HOT TO DEF remix) by GRANDE GATO aka J.O.T. & singer MS. CRYSTAL aka BONITA SENORITA.  Most recently released is "THE POURHOUSE 2016 CD ALBUM" & "SOUL-FULL" 2016 CD ALBUM.  On ITUNES the label put out the various artists/producers/djs digital only SPANISH EP “NORTH CAROLINA STREET HEAT LATINO PRESENTS….”GRANDE GATO MUSICA(MAINSTREAM vs. UNDERGROUND”) To date J.O.T. has put out FIFTEEN SOLO CD ALBUMS: 1)I WON'T STOP BEING ME; 2)NATURE OF MY BEING; 3)ROCKING THE N.C.; 4)UNDERGROUND RAPROAD; 5)NITROGLYCERIN; 6) PARA GANAR(IN ORDER TO WIN); 7.)ESA QUE PASA(THAT'S WHAT'S UP); 8.)LIMPIAR PALABRAS(TO CLEAN WORDS); 9.)VERDAD(TRUE); 10.)NUEVA MUSICA(NEW MUSIC); 11.)ESTILO(STYLE); 12.)SOUL-FULL; 13.)SOUL-FULL pt2; 14.)SOUL-FULL pt3; 15.)SOUL-FULL pt4; TWO GROUP CD ALBUMS: 1.)NORTH CAROLINA STREET HEAT..THE CD ALBUM; 2.)THE POURHOUSE CD; TWO SPANISH CDs: 1.)GRANDE GATO MUSICA; 2.)REGGAETON PARA VIDA; SEVEN 12” VINYL RECORD VARIOUS ARTIST PROJECTS: NORTH CAROLINA STREET HEAT PRESENTS VOLUMES 1,2,3,4,5,6,7; FOUR CD SINGLES: 1)SELF ANALYZATION; 2)SNOWFLAKES; 3)BIOLOGICAL WARFARE; 4)NORTH CAKALAK. FIVE BOOKS: NORTH, CAROLINA STREET HEAT; PRESS ON(MAKING A WAY OUT OF NO WAY); I COULD HAVE GOTTEN REVENGE BUT I DIDN’T; BREAKING STEREOTYPES; ABOUT J.O.T.



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